Spring 2017 1

For 2017, we decided to change things up a bit here on PatternLock.com. First thing we did was to figure out ways to enhance the website for your viewing pleasure. In other words easier accessiblity for smartphones and tablets. 
This new site design will help us better showcase some of our projects to our prospective clients as well as provide inspiration for our existing clients.

As the next few weeks move on you will find more and more features added onto our site.

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One thought on “Spring 2017

  • susana sousa

    Perfection!!! The crew of Pattern Lock are amazing. They transformed my driveway into a true work of art. I greatly appreciate the fact that they completed the work ahead of schedule and cleaned up after themselves not leaving any mess behind. Through my many renovations, this is by far the most polite, efficient and competent crew that I have delt with. They honestly know their interlock. Thank you again to Dave, Roger, Rod, Shawn, Andrew, Joe, Jay and Brad. Job well done!!!! If you are looking to have interlock work done, call these guys. You won’t be disappointed. – Susana, Mississauga, Ontario